Which CBD Product Is Right For Me?

Which CBD Product Is Right For Me?

This is a tough question to answer for multiple reasons but we'll do our best to help you.

First of all the best CBD products for you are the ones that actually have CBD oil in them....sounds crazy right? Why would any consumer buy a CBD product that has no CBD in it? Because they didn't know.

There are tons of companies out there (especially online) selling hemp seed oil only products as CBD oil and have websites and labels that mislead consumers and retailers into believing that their product is something that it is not.

Hemp seed oil does not contain CBD in a high concentration, if at all. Only whole hemp plant extracts that have a naturally occurring high concentration of CBD (which varies upon the strain) and are processed and extracted correctly using the whole plant (not just seeds and stalk) can yield the true healing benefits of CBD.

So how to know the good and honest companies from the bad and dishonest ones. There are a few things that can help you make a better choice for a purchase of CBD products. First, make sure that you have access to viewing their product 3rd party lab test documentation either on their website (where they should always be viewable right next to the individual product) or ask them to email it to you.

When looking at the labs you can easily see which cannabinoids are present and which are not (as long as they formatted their labs in a consumer friendly way) which will lead you to knowing if you are buying a product that has Full Spectrum CBD oil in it or CBD Isolate (assuming those are their actual labs). If all you see on the lab is CBD and nothing more, it's most likely isolate. If other cannabinoids are registering on the lab including THC, it is most likely a Full Spectrum oil.

If a company will not provide you their labs to view in one way or another that is probably the biggest red flag and warning that you should not purchase from them. Labs are one of the only tools available to consumers and retailers today that can help them to truly know if the company they are buying from is being transparent and honest about their products (or at least being more honest than those who will not provide them). Also make sure that those labs are from a 3rd party and do not just have the company that is selling the products name on it and not a 3rd party lab that ran the tests unbiasedly (very important). There should also be a picture of their product (labeled and all) on that lab test. That way you can be sure that the lab test results are more accurate because 3rd party laboratories do not want to lose their licenses over fraudulent lab testing.

Now that you know how to better understand if you are purchasing a good CBD product we will give you more information as to which form of CBD and how many milligrams of CBD is a good amount to buy in a product and what type of CBD (Full Spectrum or Isolate, see the Full Spectrum vs. Isolate topic in the drop down menu) you should buy.

Remember that although CBD Full Spectrum oil is the superior choice over CBD Pure Isolate, (which by the way the vast majority of sellers on the CBD market sell Isolate because it is much cheaper to buy, especially bad quality Isolate) Full Spectrum does contain very small amounts of THC that although will not get you "high" will likely still show up on a drug test (doesn't mean you'll fail necessarily but that is determined by your employers THC allowance level numbers). So if you are concerned about drug testing it might be better to go with an Isolate form of CBD (ONLY HIGH QUALITY ISOLATE TRULY HAS 0% THC, LOW QUALITY ISOLATE CAN STILL CONTAIN THC) but make sure you see the labs on any Isolate product to make 100% sure that there is 0% THC. If you do not have any issues with a little bit of THC in your body the Full Spectrum versions of CBD products are going to give you the best bang for your buck according to current medical clinical studies as far as healing goes.

It is always better to buy a higher mg version of CBD and take into account that it can take 2-4 weeks to see results. There are no known negative side effects of high quality CBD oil and because each individual is different results will vary. However, be wary of overpriced low quality CBD products on the market (they are everywhere) and know that very low mg's of CBD are less effective than higher dosages. Find a price point that works for you but keep in mind, the lower priced CBD products are not usually higher quality (because of manufacturing and extraction costs associated with higher quality product) but the higher priced items are not always better (lots of way overpriced low quality products on the market). Do your homework on milligrams and dosages and choose what's right for you. Goodluck!

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